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 DAP-US Corp. is a family owned business focused on delivering safe and quality smiles through packages in a timely manner

Services: logistics

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 DAP-US Corp. is an Amazon delivery service partner . We hire and develop a team of high-performing, hardworking employees, providing consistent coaching and support to ensure the successful delivery of packages 7 days/week, 365 days/year operation.

Services: logistics

We deliver Amazon packages to homes and businesses

We connect, simplify and make it  easy to manage your shipments and logistics.

Meet your customers' ecommerce and supply chain needs with our parcel shipping fulfillment service



We deliver smiles and delight  thousands of customers every day as an essential part of our business. 

 I  feel extremely valued for all of the hard work I put in. There is  emphasis on  the importance of our performance together and the fact that we represent the biggest brand in the world.

Kari De La Parra

It might seem very challenging   working with a company with such high standards, but I have really enjoyed it and it has been very rewarding.”

John Jue

Two words: work and Fun!

Eloise Smith

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